The best Buns and Baos in Milan: what’s the difference ?

Soft, round and with a mouth-watering heart. Burger Buns are globally known sandwiches, popular from America to Italy allowing for a unique taste experience whether for a lunch break or dinner with friends.

A sandwich usually meant for burgers, the Burger Bun is known for its unmistakable taste: sweet and soft, in its classic version, with sesame seeds on top.

The birth of this world-famous bun is uncertain. It seems to have first come to life in 1891 in Oklahoma thanks to Oscar Weber Bilby who first prepared it for his neighbours. Given its great success, he and his son opened the first Burger Bun (in Tulsa) and it has been history ever since.

From the 19th century to the present day it has established itself globally and Italy is not missing from the roll call: in its cities there are now places specialising in this delicacy, as in the case of Milan.

Top 3 Buns in Milan and surroundings

From fashion to art, even when it comes to food the Lombard capital is the heart of the most varied restaurants, and in its variety of offerings the restaurants, street food venues dedicated precisely to buns, are presently very popular in Milan.

When speaking of Buns in Milan it is worth mentioning those who have made them popular today even for people not familiar with the soft bun: the Bun burgers .

Bun Burgers in Milan

In the restaurants scattered around the city, also recognised for their modern and super colourful design. there are different varieties all meat or beyond meat (the vegan alternative)

At Bun Burgers you can enjoy the typical American bun burger.

Viale Bligny, in Porta Venezia, the IULM area and Bicocca Village, offer many varieties of the soft bun in its different restaurants.

Just to name a few mouth-watering ones:

  • Cheeseburger: meat, cheddar cheese, salad, tomato, sauce
  • Avo Chicken: fried chicken, cheddar cheese, bacon, avocado, teriyaki sauce
  • Beyond Hamburger beyond meat, salad, tomato, sauce (vegan)
  • Super Bun double meat, cheddar cheese, salad, onion, gherkins, bun sauce
  • Crispy Smoke Burger with meat, cheddar, bacon, smokey sauce

142 Restaurant the Bun Gourmet sandwiches

To enjoy different types of bun, including fish with gourmet preparations, we recommend the 142 Restaurant in Milan , located at Corso Cristoforo Colombo, 6, Porta Genova, where a format dedicated to Bun gourmet with meat and fish dishes is served.

D.light Bistrot Vimercate

D.light Bistrot, located at Via XXV Aprile 2 in Vimercate, also offers a wide choice of Buns having fish as the main theme.

D-Light Bistrot
Via XXV Aprile, 2, Vimercate (MB)

Bao or Bun: what’s the difference

Although both can be in burger format, Bao and Bun have substantial differences in both preparation and origin. In particular, the Bao has Asian origins, unlike the Bun which originated in America.

Considered the Chinese hamburger, the Bao is a very tasty sandwich, filled with meat – such as chicken or pork – or fish usually accompanied by vegetables. Cooking is another distinguishing feature, as Bao, also called Baozi, are steamed. Typically served as part of Chinese street food or Asian cuisine in general, they have a very particular appearance: shiny and soft, with a somewhat chewy texture. Having arrived in Italy and in particular in Milan, initially popular in the Chinese delis of China Town, for some time now there has been a real Bao mania going on, as in the case of Buns.

The best Bao sandwiches in Milan

Bao sandwiches are now booming in Milan with venues dedicated to this tasty and ‘soft’ Chinese sandwich.


In addition to the different variants also available in restaurants specialising in Asian food such as Wagakama (Duomo, Citylife e Bicocca Village) in super-tasty mini formats also suitable for an aperitif, we recommend trying them out for proposed variants and taste:

Kung Fu BaoNolo area

Chinese cuisine restaurant offering a bao in the shape of a baby pig – salty on the outside and with a slightly sweet-tasting filling.

Viale Monza, 37 – Milan

  • Bao House Taiwanese Street Food– near Porta Venezia, in via Plinio, a must-visit: this is a small Taiwanese-inspired place where you can delight in ‘Gua Bao’, Bao cut in two – open in the middle – and stuffed with ingredients such as tofu, marinated chicken, bacon and peanuts.
  • Mini Maoji – Navigli area, in Alzaia Naviglio Pavese 6, which offers exquisite classic Bao and more original proposals such as one filled with sweet and sour pork

To taste the Bun and the Bao, all you have to do is venture out to the streets of Milan and delight in its restaurants where you can discover the differences between these tasty sandwiches.

Do you know of any other particular Bun or Bao and would like to recommend them for us to try and include in this collection? write to us in the comments or on IG @Rock_Fork