‘When in doubt Cortilia’ the new campaign about sustainability

Cortilia, the Italian company specialising in quality online shopping, confirms its commitment to the subject of sustainability with its new advertising campaign, officially launched on 16 March.

The concept around which the entire campaign revolves comes from an apparently simple but really rather complex question:

Is it sustainable to have doubts about sustainability?

The graphics, which are also translated into video and audio spots, reach Cortilia’s social channels and beyond, in the radio, video campaign and billboards in the main squares of the cities where the service is present, in addition to a television broadcasting schedule.

(signed by Publicis Italy/LePub.)

Cortilia, the first agricultural and short supply chain e-commerce, declares and thus posts on LinkedIn:

Recent studies have shown that there is something that almost all Italians have in common. In fact, many people wonder whether what they are buying is sustainable, but in reality 1 in 2 people do not know what it really is.

The answer is not always simple: indeed, the truth is that the more we find out about sustainability, the more doubts we have. So, are the choices we make in the way we shop the right ones?

It is precisely from this question that the creative concept of our new campaign, which ironically portrays the doubts that nag at us when buying a product, stimulating reflection on the decisions we make every day when shopping and beyond, was born”.

Cortilia means seasonality and sustainability

Cortilia therefore acts as a true ambassador for the seasonality, quality and origin of products, claiming to be at the forefront of helping consumers in this endeavour. Such as indicating whether radicchio is a winter or summer vegetable or whether fruit yoghurt is seasonal or not.

Because ‘when in doubt, Cortilia’! In a nutshell, Cortilia affirms its commitment to sustainable service and directly associates the brand name with the very concept of sustainability of the product on offer.

In fact, we see as the protagonists of the campaign graphics a hypothetical consumer who is so in doubt about the provenance or seasonality of the product to be purchased that instead of his head he has the very object of the question, the product. Such as Brussels sprouts which, given the name, how can they be Italian? Or, again, doubts may concern the seasonality of mussels or of a yoghurt that contains strawberries

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Cortilia’s mission

The communication activity is part of the broader project that has guided the company since its foundation: connecting conscious consumers and sustainable producers through efficient service in a system that respects people and the planet.
Today we can find and buy anything we want at the speed of light, or rather digital, but it is important that this should be combined with respect for nature's time.
This is possible thanks to realities like Cortilia,, the online, smart, local and sustainable grocery store, which with its seasonal, organic, sustainable, fresh and above all good products, reminds us that 'when in doubt, Cortilia'.
Recipe kits, boxes, timely selection of products discovered by Cortilia for its consumer. Doubts, yes, because the more we find out about sustainability, the more questions come up: "are the choices that guide us when shopping the right ones? Do we really know what is sustainable and what is not?" The company, through its OOH campaign, responds in an ironic, explanatory and impactful way to the questions that most Italians have in common, reaffirming its commitment to maintaining and guaranteeing the values that have led it to the extensiveness of its serviceof today.