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The Rimini Wellness 2024 exhibition, the FoodWell products

The Rimini Wellness exhibition ended on Sunday, June 2nd, after three days, with a great success with the public. In addition to the many innovations in sports equipment and disciplines, several food & beverage brands participated, offering plant-based nutrition in particular. After all, physical training and healthy food are the two key principles for keeping fit.

The international event dedicated to the ecosystem of the wellness world, the Rimini Wellness exhibition talks about the latest trends, innovations and training for professionals and enthusiasts of fitness, wellness and sport. RiminiWellness encompasses all the main realities of the wellness universe: from manufacturers of physical activity equipment, to gyms, training schools and trade associations, passing through Medical Spas, health centers, and rehabilitation sciences, fitness activities, but also tourism and design, always keeping the fitness lovers community at the center.

In addition to the Fitness exponents, there was also FOODWELL, the space dedicated to healthy eating for those who are “on the move”. There you could find tasty and fit but also plant-based and zero sugar products related to functional nutrition to offer an opportunity for updating and training even on the food plan, closely connected to Wellness and Fitness, even through showcooking with the best chefs and food bloggers, guided tastings, focus on products, cooking classes.

Some of the food brands present

Plant based foods by Funny Veg – Fattoria della Mandorla

Funny Veg were present this year as well at the Rimini Wellness fair with a stand of 100 square meters in which they have been able to entertain and involve the public with cooking shows, free tastings and training challenges on the benefits of plant-based nutrition also, but not only, in the diet of sportsmen and women.

Among the guests of the stand was the organic farm Fattoria della Mandorla which produces foods based on Toritto almonds, a native crop of Alta Murgia, in Puglia.

Among the different products they offer you can find pancakes and protein porridges for a healthy breakfast and Mandolat®, prepared with 100% almonds to be used for desserts or drinks. Moreover there are many vegan cheeses, all made from almond milk, including Maciotta (the veg version of ricotta) and Gran Murgiano (aged veg cheese in a snack or scratch version).

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Black Gemma

Black Gemma was also present at Funny Veg’s events and cooking shows. The product is the brainchild of Pietro Rondolino of the Acquerello rice family. The idea is to extract from black rice, which is even richer in nutritional value than white rice, the bud, the embryo of the grain from which the sprouts develop and in which you find the most useful and important components for the new plant: vitamins, fats, mineral salts and fibers. Black is a natural source of fiber rich in zinc and anthocyanins, ideal for flavoring the days. It can be enjoyed alone, on yogurt or in salads.

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Fitporn the fitness food porn at the exhibition

The functional nutrition brand that helps those who need to eat healthily to stay in shape without sacrificing taste. The name is not a coincidence but a truth, “foodporn” in a fit version, thanks to innovative formulas that guarantee the best nutritional values, quality raw materials and a unique flavor, like the traditional one.

Present at the fair with a large stand, a real oasis for fitness enthusiasts, where in addition to discovering Fitporn products it was also possible to taste and buy them on the spot. Moreover there was the presence of Raffaele and Caterina of 2foodfitlovers, prominent personalities in the world of fitness and nutrition. Among the other attending guests, the Dietitian Paola Stavolone, Claudiafitmom, Serefitfun, Alessandra and Matteo of Ricette & Ghisa, who contributed to creating an environment of inspiration and knowledge for enthusiasts.

“Zero Added Sugars” products only with fruit sugars

Zuegg, the historic Veronese company which has been making fruit its passion since 1890, was among the protagonists of  the Rimini exhibition with its line of “Zero Added Sugar” products. As the name suggests, the products, especially jams, are only made with ingredients of natural origin and are free of preservatives and sweeteners, without added sugars.

In fact, jams are made with 60% fruit and only 9 calories per serving.

For Zuegg the participation in the Rimini Wellness exhibition was an opportunity to make culture about the importance of having a conscious and balanced lifestyle and share products that are in line with the assumptions of a life with conscious and balanced nutrition, involving those who wish to embrace a healthy and balanced diet, without sacrificing taste.

For this reason, Zuegg will also be present at the Dolomiti Wellness festival to be held from 5 to 7 July in Madonna di Campiglio.

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About Funny Veg

Funny Veg, the consulting and promotion company of vegan lifestyle, publisher of FV magazine and owner of the 100% plant-based cooking school FunnyVeg Academy, was present at Rimini Wellness from 30 May to 2 June with exceptional partners to enliven the days at the fair and raise awareness of the advantages of a plant-based diet.