The Veg Week is back: the 10th anniversary

From 10 to 16 June, Veg Week celebrates its tenth anniversary, promoting plant-based and sustainable nutrition for seven days. By registering, participants will receive a recipe book with daily menus, expert advice, special discounts and the indications of nutritionist Silvia Goggi.

The Essere Animali Initiative to involve people in experimenting with Plant-Based Nutrition

The initiative, now in its tenth edition, is promoted by Essere Animali and invites everybody to experience a plant-based diet for a week, from 10 to 16 June.

How to participate?

Registration is open on the website. Participants will receive a cookbook-guide with daily menus created by well-known influencers in the sector: Mrs Veggy (@mrsveggy), Giulia Pisco (@giuliapisco), Sarah Joyce (@joysonfire), Brina (@wellnesswithbrina) and Marica Bartoccioni (@nutrirsi_di_emozioni). Moreover, they will have access to the advice of nutritionist Silvia Goggi, daily emails from the Essere Animali team and exclusive discounts for the purchase of plant products.

The initiative also includes many offline and online activities on the social profiles of IoScelgoVeg and Essere Animali, to engage and support participants during the week.

Veg Week: some data on 2023 attendance

Last year, more than 26,000 people participated in the Veg Week. The most interesting fact is that according to the survey conducted by the association itself, 54% of the participants had never tried the initiative before. In addition, more than 60% were able to maintain a completely plant-based diet for at least five days and 88% said they would continue to follow a veg diet. The main motivations for participating were animal protection, followed by environmental and health considerations.

Veg Week blows out 10 candles this year and we are delighted to see that the number of people who decide to participate is growing every year. The strength of this initiative is the ability to create, as Veganuary — of which Essere Animali is the official partner for Italy — does, an accessible and playful challenge to demonstrate to anyone that following a plant-based diet is not a sacrifice at all, but an opportunity to discover new recipes, tasty ingredients and many useful curiosities to make one’s diet more sustainable and healthy.

says Brenda Ferretti, campaigns manager of Essere Animali.

About Essere Animali

Essere Animali works with companies, institutions and firms to give adequate protections to animals raised for food, ensuring that they can express their natural needs. They work to end factory farming and promote the passage to a sustainable food system that includes the transition to a plant-based diet avoiding animal suffering.