The World’s Smallest Ice Cream Shop in Turin

Alberto Marchetti with his new Gelateria, 8.5 square metres of pure taste is ‘open for holidays’: for those passing through the Piedmontese capital, it will be open throughout August and beyond

Alberto Marchetti opens his sixth Ice Cream Shop

la piccola gelateria Alberto Marchetti

We are in Turin where we find the smallest Gelateria , 8.5 square metres of taste and sweetness: it’s open!

If you’re passing through Turin in August (and not only), drop by 📍Corso Galileo Ferraris, 290, at Alberto Marchetti‘s new ice cream shop, one of the smallest in Italy. A real gem, a treasure trove of goodness.

This is the Maestro Gelatiere 3 Coni Gambero Rosso sixth ice-cream shop in Turin, and the tenth in Italy.

Open 7 days a week, from lunchtime at 12 noon until midnight, the ice-cream shop offers 16 flavours (10 creams, 3 fruit flavours and 3 granitas), freshly made every morning right inside the minimalist laboratory set up in the iconic red brick tower of Corso Galileo Ferraris 290.

But Alberto Marchetti is not alone in this new adventure, the ice-cream shop is located right next to the first and new slow food fast food M*** Bun Aquatica

Alberto Marchetti Gelateria Torino

Ice cream is my life. From the very beginning: I was born on the same day that my father inaugurated his renovated creamery in Nichelino, near Turin.

The 3 Coni Gambero Rosso ice cream

The characteristics of master Marchetti’s ice cream: freshness, simplicity and goodness. But how?

  • Fresh: Alberto Marchetti’s ice-cream is processed and whipped daily in the on-sight laboratory.
  • Simple: only what is needed, nothing more. Raw materials are selected directly for Italy, drawing from Slow Food presidia.
  • Good: the goodness lies in choosing high-quality, fresh ingredients that evoke emotions as real as those of childhood.

 I spent my childhood in that ice cream shop: in the afternoons I would do my homework on the second floor, next to the lab, and sneak over to the mantecatore – between a math problem and a composition – to enjoy a scoop of fior di latte.
If you grow up like that, you love ice cream.

Alberto Marchetti

Where can you find the 10 Alberto Marchetti’s ice cream shops?

Gelateria Alberto Marchetti


📍Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 24 bis📍
Via Po, 35
📍Via Cernaia, 18/A
📍Via Principi d’Acaja, 65/D
📍Corso Galileo Ferraris 290

ALBA (CN), via Vittorio Emanuele, 17
ALASSIO (SV), via XX settembre, 48


📍Viale Monte Nero, 73 (zona V Giornate)
📍 Eataly Smeraldo, P.zza Venticinque Aprile, 10 (Zona Garibaldi)



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M**BUN Aquatica and Alberto Marchetti’s Gelateria

In Piedmontese it means “just good “, M**Bun Aquatica in fact is Italy‘s first slow fast food restaurant. Founded by Francesco Bianco, Paola Pellichero and Graziano Scaglia it opened in Rivoli, in the province of Turin, in 2009.

A fast formula made with products freshly prepared with fresh raw materials, strictly non-frozen and from controlled supply chains.

The partnership between Alberto Marchetti and M** BUN has lasted for years and today brings the two original made-in-Turin brands to create a true taste hub, just a stone’s throw from Piazza D’Armi, the Olympic Stadium and Pala Alpitour.

📍 Galileo Ferraris, 290, 10134 Torino TO