Tomatoes flying at Eataly Milan for Design Week

100% Pasta is a multisensory experience in the name of Made in Italy. An aerial installation in which designer Paola Navone’s personal version of pasta al pomodoro becomes artistic expression.

Milan, April 2023 Eataly Milano Smeraldo and Paola Navone (founder of OTTO Studio and ,famous for her collaborations with companies of the calibre of Baxter, Ethimo and Gervasoni) for Milan Design Week 2023 present the installation ‘100% Pasta’.

Do tomatoes fly? Yes, and not only, it is an aerial installation that takes the form of an immersive experience, with free access from 17 April and extends beyond the exhibition, until 1 May.

100% Pasta a Made in Italy celebration at Fuorisalone 2023

A multisensory experience to celebrate the Italian spirit using all the senses.

The protagonists of the installation?
Tomatoes, dishes, garlic, chilli and giant hanging spaghetti made by the Viareggio Carnival Foundation.

Suspended inside Eataly Smeraldo, in dialogue with the Palco, in the centre of the store on which tables and chairs with a contemporary design in white, red and green, they evoke the ingredients of the dish that symbolises Italian tradition: Pasta al pomodoro.

L’installazione si completa con un montaggio di spezzoni cinematografici e citazioni pop dedicate a questo piatto iconico scorrerà sui grandi schermi ai lati del palco, accompagnato dalle “Note di cibo”, una speciale playlist a tema realizzata da OTTO Studio.

Presentation and food performance

The “100% Pasta” installation is introduced to the public on Thursday 20 April, at 6 p.m., at the Eataly Smeraldo stage, with a food performance.

Paola Navone will talk about the installation and the link between food and design.

Shel will share the story of her “Pasta Paola”, accompanied by an Eataly chef who will make Paola’s grandmother’s pasta recipe for guests.

The Eataly Pasta al pomodoro tastings will be available from Friday 21 to Tuesday 25 April: every day at 17:00

On the same days, the dish will be present as an off-menu special in 📍Eataly Smeraldo restaurants.

The appointments for MDW 2023

Thursday 20 April at 6 pm on the Eataly Smeraldo stage

We Love Pasta 100% Pasta Milano Design Week

Food Performance 100% PASTA PAOLA

with Paola Navone designer and Gilda Bojardi director of INTERNI magazine

Paola Navone starts from her beloved recipe for her grandmother’s pasta al pomodoro to tell her idea of design and her relationship with food. The recipe will be performed for the public by Eataly chefs.

while places last

🗓From Friday 21 to Tuesday 25 April at 5pm

📍Eataly Smeraldo

Food Performance 100% PASTA

Eataly chefs recreate Paola Navone’s pasta al pomodoro recipe for the days of the installation

🗓 Thursday 20 April al 6 pm

📍Eataly Smeraldo

“I come from a Piedmontese and even minimalist food culture that favours quality raw materials, real flavours and simplicity. I therefore chose to literally stage a dish that evokes Italy and the Mediterranean. The relationship between my design and food is very close…’

explains Paola Navone

With “100% Pasta” Eataly intends to emphasise, at a crucial moment for Milan such as the Salone del Mobile, how the quality of the raw material is an essential value, as much in cooking as in design.

An itinerary that is completed with the tasting of “Pasta Paola” for a further experiential level that helps to understand how a simple recipe can be in its own way perfect if the ingredients are of quality.

Paola Navone OTTO Studio’s work has been selected to be part of the exhibition-event “INTERNI Design Re-volution” which, as part of Fuorisalone 2023, will involve the entire city with installations in six different locations, including Eataly Smeraldo.

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The connection between Eataly and art

This special initiative bears witness to Eataly’s marked sensitivity towards the world of art, which is confirmed by the activities of Eataly Art House – E.ART.H., the foundation set up at Eataly Verona, where from 22 April to 17 September 2023 it will be possible to visit the exhibition “Photo&Food. Food in Magnum Photographs From the 1940s to the present day

A group exhibition, curated by Walter Guadagnini in collaboration with Costanza Vilizzi and realised together with Magnum Photos, linked to the theme of food and its representation in photography over the last eighty years.