Tow the Odd Wine opens in Milan Bullona district

In via Losanna, 16, in the heart of the Bullona district, comes Tow – The Odd Wine, a new restaurant project combining a ‘special’ wine selection, good food and a sophisticated atmosphere.

8 November 2023 – We are in the triangle formed by Via Cenisio – Via Procaccini – Corso Sempione, at a short distance from the renovated City Life district, where important brands such as IYO or venues also renowned for their combination of restaurant and after-dinner experience are located. In fact, Milan’s Bullona district today registers a certain interest and attracts a varied public, given the elegance and prestige of the residential area.

Here in Via Losanna, 16, inside a historic building dating back to the early 1900s, Tow – an acronym for The Odd Wine – was born. A restaurant that overlooks the Milanese panorama with a bold and tasteful food and wine proposal.

The latest in food and beverage in Bullona

TOW – The Odd Wine is a new restaurant project that puts fine food before fine wine without making it inferior, seeking a cozy but well-designed atmosphere and attention to the harmony of furnishings and materials.

Located at via Losanna, 16, in the heart of the Bullona district, it is the result of the owners’ deep knowledge and passion for the world of haute cuisine and conviviality.

Andrea Griffini, already active in the restaurant business for more than 20 years, Andrea Zarra, an engineer who returned to Italy after several years abroad with a deep nostalgia for the quality and uniqueness of the flavours of our territory.

The Wine Selection and Cocktails

Milan’s restaurant heritage is enriched with an idea in step with the times, TOW – The Odd Wine is born.

In perfect synergy with the spirit of the Milanese capital, which is always in continuous and fast evolution but tries not to forget the true essence of Italian conviviality, of the pleasure of attentive service and of a well-kept environment

The wine selection, hence the name of the restaurant ‘The Odd Wine‘, is described by the ‘Andrei’ as ‘special‘.

Without bowing to definitions and fashions, it comes from a wine culture that rewards commitment, perseverance and respect for the territory by the historic producers and by the new wineries engaged in a process of gentle innovation.

Heroic productions, brilliant winegrowers, historic companies and young innovators: TOW’s wine list knows how to surprise and excite, without letting itself be intrigued by preconceptions or conformism.

To complete the beverage offer, there is also a non-intrusive, contemporary and well thought-out cocktail list.

The Food Proposal – Cosmopolitan Italy

The food proposal is at the same time attentive to the Italian gastronomic heritage with a cosmopolitan spirit, the same as that of the town andof people who live there or meet it on their travels: It explores flavours and inspirations that come from afar, even though they are now part of the daily life of people who live and experience the cuisines of Milan.

Slow Food presidia and small producers thus create a fil rouge between the lunch menu and the à la carte tapas offer designed for aperitif and dinner.


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📍via Losanna, 16
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Ph.: 02 09943642
Monday to Saturday
noon to 3.00pm/7.00 pm to midnight
7.00 pm to midnight
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The Location

Care, refinement and contemporary elegance are concepts that within TOW also find expression in the architecture and interior design stylistic choices of the restaurant and wine bar. The owners, in the stylistic choices of the restaurant, wanted furnishings and finishes in line with good taste and Italian taste with cosmopolitan spirit as well as in the choices of the food & wine proposal.

[Relying on STUDIO LATINO, a duo of architects who are partners in work and private life, they created a contemporary concept completely tailor-made, making the most of the space. ]

The choice of preferring industrial materials in the elegant and welcoming context, with visible bricks, allows one to enter a dynamic setting, never banal, where one can relax in an environment that remains true to the vibes of positive and stimulating tension that Milan constantly gives to those who live it. The lighting is by iGuzzini, while the seating is by Zilio A&C: choices that express an attention and care for details of great refinement.


Born in Milan in 1984, he attended Environmental Architecture at the Polytechnic, studied photographic post production and design, meanwhile working as a waiter.

In 2016-2017 he started working at Filippo La Mantia‘s and discovered a real passion for the world of hospitality. From there he began a career as a room manager in some of the best-known establishments on the Milan scene, such as Cocciuto, until arriving at Nobu in 2022. An AIS sommelier, he decided in 2023 to give life to his dream of opening his own venue and, together with his partner Andrea Zarra, opened TOW The Odd Wine.