Trippa Milan in the Slow Food Guide 2023

Like every year, the Guida delle Osterie d’Italia  (Guide to Italian Taverns) published and produced by Slow Food, has arrived. It is a guide to consult and learn about for those who love places that we can define as ‘sincere’/’authentic’, tending to be reasonably priced, with no glamorous or trendy pretensions and no proximity to haute cuisine.

The guide is extraordinarily useful for finding the best osterias in big cities, where the search for pleasant and good trattorias and osterias at moderate prices is increasingly difficult but still very much in demand, and also in the countryside or on targeted out-of-town trips. In the 2023 edition of the guide to the best taverns in Milan, we found the trattoria Trippa and so we decided to return and take you with us.

‘How did the idea for Trattoria Trippa first arise?

Diego & Pietro, respectively chef and co-founder, met years ago during a dinner with friends. A great friendship was born and grew out of common interests and passions, from it a dream arose: to create an informal place where customers could feel the typical warm welcome of a trattoria, enjoying traditional Italian dishes with something extra and a good glass of wine to accompany the experience.

That dream since the Summer of 2015 has a name and an address: Trippa in Via Giorgio Vasari, 1 (Zona Porta Romana) in Milan. It is the place where you can rediscover the warmth of traditional cuisine in the atmosphere of an old-fashioned trattoria, to welcome with politeness and conviviality anyone who has the pleasure of spending time enjoying dishes that have the so often forgotten flavour of history.

Every dish in the menu, or offered off the menu, tells a story about a territory. The undisputed protagonists are the raw materials, selected with maniacal care and sourced from producers who work ethically.

Trippa’s menu and signature dishes

Freedom is the basis for the preparation of the dishes, which vary daily, alongside what have become the signature dishes of Trippa’s gastronomic offerings:

Trippa Fritta- Trattoria Trippa ©Rockfork
Fried Tripe – Trattoria Trippa Milano
  • veal in tuna sauce
  • fried tripe
  • barbecued marrow
  • stewed tripe

    In the cellar there is a wide selection of wine labels from small producers, not only Italian, representing the territory they come from.

Every detail at Trattoria Trippa has a story to tell, from the ingredients in the dishes to the pictures hanging on the walls, from the wine bottles to the customised crockery. It is a trattoria with a strong identity, constantly changing and evolving without ever losing sight of its origins.

Simple, informal and with a retro touch, the tripe is one of the fifth-quarter dishes you will often find on the menu, which, however, expands to include dishes from every region, of immediate strength and comprehensibility, without unnecessary frills. The quality of the products and the skills of a great interpreter – the young chef – make it one of the best trattorias in town.

according to the Michelin Guide

These are the premises with which Testina, a modern restaurant located on the 3rd floor of 8 Lyndhurst Terrace in Hong Kong, was born in February 2022. A project resulting from the collaboration with ZS Hospitality Group, already involved in projects such as the Ying Jee Club (Michelin**) and famous establishments such as Hansik Goo & Whey Miss.

Chef Diego Rossi and cofounder Pietro Caroli

A Chef from Veneto born in 1985 and, to date, half his life spent in the kitchen. After his training in the hospitality field, he nurtured his experience in important kitchens in northern Italy (including the restaurant of the Bauer Hotel in Venice, the St. Hubertus Restaurant of the Hotel Rosa Alpina in San Cassiano in Badia, La Locanda Margon of the Cantine Ferrari in Trento and Le Antiche Contrade in Cuneo, where he was awarded a Michelin Star with his colleague Juri Chiotti). He has always promoted a sustainable cuisine, characterised by the use of strictly seasonal vegetables and fruit and the research and diffusion of wild herbs. 

Today he is considered a point of reference for the divulgation of the knowledge and use of the fifth quarter in cooking; his is the book "Finché c'è Trippa..." published in 2019 by Tommasi Editore, in collaboration with journalist Barbara Giglioli and photographer Marco Varoli. Co-founder, since spring 2021, with host Enricomaria Porta and entrepreneur Josef Khattabi of Osteria Alla Concorrenza, in Via Melzo, 12 in Milan.

Pietro Caroli, born in 1982, comes from a background in economics and ten years' experience in marketing and sales in a multinational company. Over the years he has cultivated a passion for the world of food and wine, expanding his knowledge by co-managing the blog, which has become an established reality in the national blogging scene. Today he is the innkeeper of Trippa and co-founder with Vincenzo Critelli and Sebastiano Corno of Fratelli Torcinelli in Corso di Porta Vigentina 38 in Milan. Opened in 2019 and loosely inspired by the traditional Fornello Pronto, today it is a small bistro with a Pugliese twist where you can find typical dishes prepared with excellent ingredients.

Useful information

📍Trippa Via Giorgio Vasari, 1 – 20135 Milano

☎️mobile 327 6687908
Open only for dinner from Monday to Saturday

NB Online bookings at

Reservations can only be made online on the page
Continuing on, you can check availability in a window of THREE WEEKS (21 days). At 12 noon each day (except Sunday), a new date will automatically open in a 14-day window and you will be able to reserve our 10 tables and 3 seats at the bar.

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