Varrone not only meat, now also Pasta!

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Varrone Pasta also arrives, after Varrone Pizza opened about a year ago in Lucca. So Massimo Minutelli, founder of then ‘La Griglia di Varrone,’ now Varrone, is growing and spanning different food categories.

Last week he opened again in Lucca, his hometown, Varrone Pasta. So we are far from the iconic grill symbol of Varrone in Milan; today a new format is born and it focuses the menu on fresh pasta.

The gastronomy of excellence in Fresh Pasta

Massimo Minutelli, Varrone‘s soul and founder, has been able to turn what has been his passion since childhood into work and mission: gastronomy of excellence.

Goal of application to this new format? To change positioning and expand the application of supplier selection and raw materials in the service of quality on several fronts.

After Varrone Pizza, Varrone Pasta opens in the “city of a hundred churches,” the new project created to enhance the most popular Italian dishes in the world. The restaurant is located in the center of Lucca, has as many as 100 seats right on the Piazza Anfiteatro. Here Varrone’s new kitchen manages to welcome in a convivial atmosphere and with proposals where raw materials and great quality are the protagonists.

“It all started with a simple, central question: what do tourists want to taste when they come to Lucca? Pizza and pasta, was the answer, with Lucca and Italian specialties par excellence. “

But who is the main character at Varrone Pasta? Sonia is the skilled pasta maker who prepares a wide variety of pastas and rolls them out on a Carrara marble slab, helped by a splendid Monferrina (pasta machine).

In fact, seeing Sonia’s expert movements through the glass, in the open kitchen, intent on expertly working pasta, flour, eggs, water and salt, is an experience, almost like witnessing an artistic performance.

Tagliolino al Pomodoro – Varrone Pasta

ranging from tordelli lucchesi to Mugello tordelli with potato filling, but also spelt soup and frantoiana, pici all’aglione, testaroli al pesto, gricia, cacio e pepe and a wonderful pappa al pomodoro. Each first course will be at a fixed price of 9.90 euros.”

Varrone Pasta’s menu

Varrone Pasta Lucca - Antica tradizione Italiana

There are thirty traditional Italian pasta dishes, divided between great classics, Tuscan recipes and flavors of the sea. The menu begins with His Majesty the tagliolino al pomodoro, surely one of the dishes that most represents Italy.

Tordello Patate Varrone Pasta
Tordello di Patate

Then we move on to Sicily with pasta alla Norma, then to Liguria with pesto di Prà, and after that we fly to central Italy, to Lazio, where we find the unfailing carbonara or amatriciana. And still a little further down the boot we can’t miss a stop in Naples with gnocchetti alla Sorrentina.

Not just pasta at Varrone’s

But it doesn’t end there, there is also the great Tuscan tradition: soups, pici all’aglione, Mugello potato tordello. Poetry. Simple flavors capable of deeply nourishing our minds and souls.

Quality and Gluten-free proposals as well

Special attention also goes to those who are gluten-intolerant, thanks to gluten-b doughs and seasonings. We can therefore consider, Varrone Pasta, as the new address and reference point for lovers of the symbol of Italian culture, repository of tradition and innovation!