Veganuary 2023 eat healthy, vegan and sustainable

Good deeds, new challenges and the inevitable remise en forme race, among the various healthy and vegan but also sustainable food shopping proposals, Cortilia helps you to meet your wellness goals in a sustainable way!

Like every year, January begins with the classic resolutions ‘From January I’m going to the gym’ or ‘After the holidays only healthy and wholesome food’.

New year, healthy food

The secret? Taking it step by step: lead by perseverance and determination, but also having a method.

And let’s face it, it’s true that a good start is half the battle!

It is no coincidence that January is the month of ‘Veganuary‘, the global occasion that, since 2014, has invited everyone to try their hand at a vegan diet or at least at a greater integration of foods of vegetable origin, starting from the first month of the year. The month of good intentions for the diet and the health of body and soul!

Difficulties to be faced

  • Managing one’s own willpower (yes, trying for just one month doesn’t count!) 💪
  • the expectation of results, definitely visible in the long term ⏳
  • the costs of achieving and maintaining them

This is how, from the fusion of Vegan and January, the challenge was born: to esperience benefits not only in terms of health, but also for the environment and the protection of animals.

Yes, because to achieve a 100% plant-based and sustainable goal, it is not enough to exclude one food and include another, but rather to consider: the provenance, the supply chain and the ethics through which the food reaches our tables.

Organizing a healthy and sustainable shopping

Where to start? Cortilia comes to the rescue with its extensive proposal of b-smart, local and sustainable shopping, with a wide assortment of quality seasonal, fresh and genuine products and suggests 5 simple rules to follow for a strictly green lifestyle:

1. No stress, but some planning

Planning your weekly grocery shopping, helps to establish a routine for proper nutrition and to fight against waste as well as to make sure you get the right amount of balanced nutrients.

Cortilia originates from the km0 chain of fruit and vegetables, so you can just choose on the site: fruit and vegetables, pulses, whole grains, seeds and dried fruit are available online and on the app in the dedicated section. 

2.Dare and accept the Veganuary challenge

How? By peeking at all the products in the vegan section and among the Cortilia kits. Vegetable burgers, hummus, tofu, seitan and even vegan desserts: there is no rule, the important thing is to dare, experiment and taste!  

3.I like it if you move, so move!  

The sofa is known to be the cross and delight of the home! But it is precisely when laziness is about to get the better of you that it is important to make the effort and take the first step: because if appetite comes with eating, fitness is also conquered by sweating!

A good result will not be achieved instantly, but the benefits in the long run will repay any effort.

4.The grass is always greener on the other side

Cortilia with its Italian products, is committed – together with small local producers such as Oro dell’Orto and Biosolidale – to spreading a culture of eating well while respecting the biodiversity of the territories.

Besides, 70% of the products in the assortment are local and produced within a radius of less than 200 km, with full traceability of the supply chain. The easiest way to reduce your impact on the environment? Buy local products ‘from the neighbourhood’.

5. Balanced all day

The right drink for every moment of the day: from freshly squeezed juices, through teas and infusions, to vegetable drinks made of rice, almonds or coconut: the wellness section to drink punctuates breakfast, snacks and after meals in a healthy, practical and tasty way.

In short, Cortilia is ready for a new year in the name of wellbeing with fresh, genuine and quality local seasonal products. Do you accept the challenge?

*** Cortilia S.p.A. Benefit Company

Cortilia is the food-tech company which connects conscious consumers to sustainable local producers and national excellence through an efficient online shopping service based on quality and respect for natural cycles. With a few simple clicks on the website or the dedicated app, Cortilia delivers a complete range of quality groceries directly to your doorstep, at your time of choice: from fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, fish, meat and charcuterie, cheese and dairy products to beauty and household cleaning products. With an assortment of over 2,500 products from more than 300 selected small and medium-sized producers, Cortilia is a virtuous reference point for planned online shopping. Cortilia was born in 2011 from the union of good food and technology, the two great passions of Marco Porcaro, CEO and Founder of the company. In December 2020, Cortilia amended its articles of association to become a Benefit Society (SB), legally confirming its commitment to operate responsibly and transparently towards people, communities, the territory, the environment, cultural and social assets, organisations, associations and other stakeholders.  In 2022, the company also obtained B Corp certification, which positions it within a vast international network of entities committed to promulgating a business paradigm in which economic objectives go hand in hand with sustainability goals. 

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