Venice Cocktail Week 2023

Venice Cocktail Week is back.The third edition of the programme dedicated to coctellerie starts on Monday 23 and ends on Sunday 29 October 2023. The Kermesse conceived and directed by Paola Mencarelli with the patronage of the City of Venice and the support of Vela will be held in Venice.

Best Cocktail Bar Week returns to Venice

An expected event with great appointments in the city. Cocktail Week in its third edition confirms itself as a unique initiative.

Venice Cocktail Week 2023 is meant to make people discover the town through an itinerary among 31 Cocktail Bars specially selected for the event itself, discovering Cocktails created exclusively for the event. The good thing of Venice Cocktail Week is that it develops through collaboration and mutual enrichment between haute cuisine and mixology of Venetian excellence.

If the first edition was a challenge, the second was that of consolidation. The third will instead be the one of confirmation for Venice Cocktail Week,’ declares the Municipal Councillor for Tourism, Simone Venturini “

Simone Venturini, Municipal Councillor for Tourism

From this dialogue, new ideas and synergies were born, creating an echo that spread from Venice to the rest of the world. It has been so in the past years and so it will be again this October.

When? From Monday 23 to Sunday 29 October 2023

“Venice Cocktail Week offers an unusual itinerary between tradition and innovation in a field that is increasingly focusing on quality.”

declares Fabrizio D’Oria, the operations director of Vela S.p.a.

How does Venice Cocktail Week work?

The spotlights of the kermesse of events are on the participating cocktail bars and their bartenders. The approach therefore follows that of its sister initiative Florence Cocktail Week.

In a few words, moments that involve Venetian coctellerie experts and spokespeople, aiming to be educational and entertaining, designed both for the public and for lovers and experts in the sector. The objective is to spread awareness and quality drinking and to give visibility to the venues of an entire town, emphasising their specificities and peculiarities.

As time went by, I developed a sensibility that led me to wish to give value to the social and community aspect, focusing on highlighting the peculiarities of each single reality, avoiding to create competitions. For this reason, like Florence Cocktail Week, Venice Cocktail Week also stands out from other events in the sector.”

2023 edition news

The 2023 edition of the Venice kermesse therefore also wants to turn the spotlight on signs and professionals who are not in the limelight, but who work with quality and awareness.

“ The Cocktail Week wants to be the instrument through which each participant can emerge and make itself known according to its own identity.” Paola Mencarelli concludesThanks to the consolidation of a real community and the raising of the quality of the offer, I am sure that the visibility of every single reality or professional during the event will last for a long time .”

The festival of quality mixed drinks is modelled on the town which hosts it. It presents a calendar full of contents and events, and includes nationally and internationally renowned guests.

The Cocktail Bars, Hotel Bars and Dinining Spirits of Venice

The third edition of the kermesse of Venice (the Serenissima) will involve the best 31 cocktail bars in Venice, subdivided into Hotel Bars and Cocktail Bars, and their bartenders, who will give free rein to their creativity, demonstrating their talent and inventiveness in a Cocktail List created ad hoc for the entire Venice Cocktail Week 23.

The VCW23 cocktail list of each of the 31 cocktail bars will feature 3 exclusive drinks:

  1. SIGNATURE COCKTAIL, a drink of free creation VCW23 representative of the cocktail bar.
  2. RIESCO A BERE ITALIANO, a drink dedicated to Made in Italy with products from exclusively Italian companies participating in the RiEsco a Bere Italiano initiative.
  3. APERITIVO DI MEZZOGIORNO, a fresh and light drink designed for the midday aperitif, a great Venetian tradition.
Cocktail BarDining with SpiritHotel Bars
Ai Do LeoniAi do LeoniAlchemia – Ca’ di Dio
AmoAlgiubagiòArts Bar – The St. Regis Venice
AncòraAntinoo’s Lounge & Restaurant – Sina Centurion PalaceCanova Bar – Baglioni Hotel Luna
Blue Drop VeniceAromi Restaurant – Hilton Molino Stucky VeniceExperimental Cocktail Club – Il Palazzo Experimental
Caffè FlorianArva, Aman VeniceIl Caravellino – Hotel Saturnia & International
Caffè LavenaGio’s Restaurant&Terrace – The St. Regis VeniceLa Biblioteca – Nolinski Venezia
ChicBarGlam Enrico BartoliniLe Maschere – Splendid Venice
Grancaffè QuadriHostaria BacaneraLPV Bar – Londra Palace Venezia
La Barrique Wine BarIl Caravellino – Hotel Saturnia & InternationalOrientalbar & Bistrot – Hotel Metropole Venezia
Marciano Pub VeneziaLocalRose Bar – JW Marriott Venice Resort&Spa
Osteria I RusteghiMarciano Pub VeneziaSanta Cocktail Club Venezia – Hotel L’Orologio Venezia
San Giorgio CafèOriental Bar & Bistrot – Hotel MetropoleSkyline Rooftop Bar – Hilton Molino Stucky Venice
Tarnowska’s American BarOsteria I RusteghiThe Bar – Aman Venice
Terrazza AperolRistorante Canova by Sadler – Baglioni Hotel LunaTop of the Carlton Sky Lounge – Hotel Carlton on the Grand Canal
Tiki NoirRose Bar – JW Marriott Venice Resort&Spa
Time Social BarSan Giorgio Cafè
Venissa – Il BarTaverna La Fenice
Terrazza Aperol
Top of the Carlton Sky Lounge – Hotel Carlton on the Grand Canal
Venissa Osteria Contemporanea – Venissa Tenuta
VERO Restaurant – Ca’ di Dio
Zanze XVI

Dinners with drink food paring : Dining With the Spirits

Dining With The Spirits also returns for this third edition of Venice Cocktail Week. The initiative conceived by Paola Mencarelli to create synergies between the worlds of mixology and cuisine will this year, compared to the previous ones, give greater prominence to the professionals of the gastronomic scene of the Lagoon, and a portrait will also be dedicated to them.

Born in Florence during Florence Cocktail Week, DWS involves 24 restaurants and cocktail bars of Venice (the Serenissima) that for the entire VCW23 week or for a single evening want to propose their interpretation of spirits in the kitchen, using them as ingredients in their dishes, in a single dish or in an entire menu. But also with interesting pairings, with cocktails or straight spirits, creating events dedicated to their presentation

Masterclass, meetings and tastings

During the day, educational moments dedicated to the description of products, mixing techniques and bar formats, masterclasses, product and book presentations, cultural meetings, tastings, and a large space dedicated to entertainment, both daytime and evening. All contents will be declined in moments created ad hoc for VCW23, from Midday Aperitifs to Guest Shifts, passing through Brunches and meetings with guests selected among the best on the Italian and international scene.

Appointments will also be held in Event Partner venues: Hotel bar Partners and Cocktail Bar Partners which will not present the VCW23 Cocktail List but will host cultural and recreational events.

All VCW events will be open to the public. For the educational part, access will be free of charge and by booking, the other events will be by invitation or payment.

As in past editions, the figure of the bartender will be highlighted in 2023. With a view to highlighting the professionalism of the protagonists of the VCW23 cocktail bars, and in keeping with the tradition of the Cocktail Weeks organised by Paola Mencarelli herself, the internationally renowned portrait photographer Veronica Gaido has been called in to create unique portraits of the various teams from the participating cocktail bars.

Initiatives in town

During the week there will be experiential activities in which cocktails will accompany guests on their discovery of the city, open to the public by appointment or invitation only. These include: “Venice in a Glass: from Historical Cafés to Cocktail Bars via the Bacari”, “The “Green” Salons of Venice”, “Beyond the Canalaso: Rialto and the Historical Osterias”, “Open Hotel Ateliers”, “Cocktails with the Designer”.

In addition, visits to Glassworks and Artisan workshops, Experience in Bragozzo (fishing boat), Experience in Topa (typical Venetian lagoon boat).


Special attention has been paid to design since the creation of the brand. The logo of Venice Cocktail Week is signed by Piero Lissoni with Lissoni&Partners. He meant to give the event his own personal and modern interpretation through a minimalist, clean and elegant logo that links the world of cocktails to Venice, starting from the design of a Martini cup that turns into a gondola created by Marino Lucchetti, Bar Manager of LPV Bar, Londra Palace Venezia.


Once more in the name of the spirit of community and sharing, there are also collaborations with sparkling national and international cocktail weeks, such as Trieste Cocktail Week and Tel Aviv Cocktail Week, whose leading bartenders will be the protagonists of guest shifts in Venetian venues.

useful info and programme

All information on Venice Cocktail Week will be communicated on the event’s social channels.

The Cocktail List and the Events calendar will be available on the website

Venice Cocktail Week is an event sponsored by the City of Venice, with the support of Vela


Altamura Distilleries, Campari Group, Cointreau, Distilleria Nardini 1779, Ferro Beverage&Co, Select


Amante 1530, Angostura, Bitter Fusetti, Costiera Gin, Limestone, Nonino, Nordès, Yerbito


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