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Wine with a View tastings in Terrazza Gallia

An opportunity to discover more and enjoy the view of buildings that have made the city’s history, accompanied by sparkling wine and more. The Allegrini wine cellar (12 October), Masciarelli Tenute Agricole (19 October) and Maison Burtin (26 October) have been chosen by Paolo Porfidio, head of sommelier at the Excelsior Hotel, for the first edition of this unusual format designed to taste the best wines from a new perspective

Tasting wine at the Gallia while listening to the history of historic buildings


To celebrate October, the month of the grape harvest par excellence Terrazza Gallia and the head of sommeliers present on the exclusive rooftop of the Excelsior Hotel Gallia, Milan, a new tasting programme in a unique setting, that of ‘Wine with a View’.

This is an unprecedented format designed to connect the world of wine with that of the city’s history and the view of historic and iconic buildings.

Paolo Porfidio, Head Sommelier of Terrazza Gallia, will talk about the wineries and wines offered during the tasting nights, and Danilo Dagradi, founder of Milano da Vedere (Milan you have to see), will narrate the wonders of the city of Milan.

Finger food

Accompanying the wines cannot be without pairing food! During the 3 tasting with a view, nights there will be finger food proposed by the executive chefs Antonio and Vincenzo Lebano

Tasting with a view for grape harvest month

Azienda Vinicola Allegrini – 12 October

Allegrini vini valpolicella 12 ottobre terrazza Gallia
Allegrini Valpolicella wines

The star winery of the first scheduled tasting Thursday 12 October – is Allegrini, a winery whose history is closely linked to that of classic Valpolicella.

Since 1854, when Giovanni Allegrini established a solid, efficient and innovative agricultural enterprise.

Valpolicella Allegrini

Nicknamed ‘the spider of the barrels‘, Giovanni would proudly make you taste his wines in the cellars and listen to judgments and impressions. Giovanni Allegrini’s lifestyle and culture still remain the key to understanding the company and its success.

He left a legacy of passion for life, family history and dedication, elements that have shaped the Allegrini philosophy.

Today the company is led by Marilisa, Silvia and Francesco, the seventh Allegrini generation, ready to project it towards an ever brighter and more international future.

Masciarelli Tenute Agricole – 19 October

Thursday 19 October is the time for Masciarelli Tenute Agricole, a winery founded in 1981 by the entrepreneurial intuition of Gianni Masciarelli, a talented winemaker and protagonist of modern winemaking in Abruzzo.

Thanks to Masciarelli’s absolute commitment and dedication, the company has established itself as a leader in the production of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and other regional and international native varieties.

VillaGemma Masciarelli

From the initial 2.5 hectares Masciarelli Tenute Agricole have grown to around 60 plots located in the four provinces of Abruzzo, allowing them to express the richness in biodiversity and terroir of the region.

Since 2008, Gianni Masciarelli’s design legacy of the company has remained in the family, passing the reins to his wife Marina Cvetic Masciarelli – a companion in life and in the vineyards, and a woman of wine with an unmistakable style – and their daughter Miriam Lee Masciarelli.

Maison Burtin – Thursday 26 October

Maison Burtin 26 ottobre Terrazzza Gallia

Champagne is closing the autumn edition of the ‘Wine with a view’ format!
In fact, on Thursday 26 October, the guest winery is Maison Burtin, whose history is strictly linked to that of its founder, Monsieur Gaston Burtin.

His motto is ‘Be bold and say little‘. Originally from the Aisne, a department in the Haute-France region, Gaston Burtin settled in Champagne in 1923 and in 1933, at the age of 33, he decided to set up his own business, creating Maison Burtin.

Today, thanks to historical relations, Maison Burtin offers a variety of crus, some of which are classified as Grand and Premier Cru.

From the Côte des Blancs to the Aube, via the Vallée de la Marne and the Montagne de Reims, the richness of these sparkling wines and diversity has enabled Maison Burtin to acquire a perfect knowledge of the different terroirs of Champagne.

Less than a year ago, Maison Burtin made its debut in Italy!

(owned by the historic Lanson-BCC group, based in Épernay, Champagne – distribution network of Le Tenute Del Leone Alato)

Three appointments, for as many prestigious wineries, to taste wines involving different senses, starting with smell and sight.

Terrazza Gallia

📍Piazza Duca d’Aosta 9, Milano

Calendar of TastingsWine with a View

  • Thursday 12 October, 7 p.m.: Allegrini
  • Thursday 19 October, 7 pm: Masciarelli Tenute Agricole
  • Thursday, 26 October, 7 p.m.: Maison Burtin

Each night costs € 38.00 per person

For info and reservations

☎️02 6785 3514 –  terrazza.gallia@luxurycollection.com

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