With Tiporto, the sea arrives in Monza

Opened in Monza, the first Tiporto establishment. The new seafood-focused food concept surprises with its quality and innovative ideas, destined for rapid growth. A true harbor with fishermen, seafood stalls, and a fresh fish counter from the creators of Pane&Trita.

February 2024 – Who would have expected the sea to be in Monza! But it must be so, since a true harbor has just been inaugurated in the city, complete with fishermen, dockworkers and a fresh fish counter. However, the news that behind the project is the visionary team of Pane & Trita makes everything clearer.

New on the Brianza gastronomic scene, TIPORTO is indeed the revolutionary format born from the creative and unrelenting minds of the four partners. In less than ten years, they have managed to build – around the Pane & Trita brand and taste provocations such as Uniporco, Terùn, Grillo Cheeseburger, or the more recent Cyber Burger – a successful proposal thanks to high-quality raw materials, innovation, and an irreverent and playful style.

These are the same foundations on which TIPORTO was imagined, a food concept with an offering entirely dedicated to seafood cuisine and with a menu tailored to the catch of the day. Just as it happens in the venues found in a Mediterranean port or a coastal location. 

Why Tiporto?

The fried food by the meter at Tiporto

The lively and pleasantly chaotic atmosphere of the “sea port” is recognizable, making the experience engaging thanks to a unique feature. A true fish auction is staged every evening, allowing guests of the establishment to compete in winning daily dishes at advantageous prices. The sound of a bell, rung by one of the waiters dressed in a “North Port Fisherman” style with a woolly hat on his head, signals the start of the challenge.

In addition to having fun in the large convivial hall, it is possible to experience more intimate moments thanks to Tiporto Secret, a privé area with a dedicated menu where you can savor the exclusive taste of the secret room.

Comments Pabel Ruggiero, co-founder of the brand

“Seafood cuisine paired with beer.”

If you come across crates of Ichnusa beer around, it all makes sense, as they are the result of the partnership established with the historic Sardinian brand and aim to emphasize the pairing between seafood cuisine and beer, a perfect match, highly appreciated by the younger crowd and well highlighted in the menu.


Il menù

Naturally, the menu is a tribute to the sea and its precious treasures: from the freshest raw dishes to classic Italian seafood first courses, but not only, made with 100% Italian bronze-drawn wheat pasta and shellfish, mussels, or octopus.

Cozze all’arrabbiata

For the main courses, with various fish cooking methods (grilled, pan-seared, or charbroiled), the inevitable mixed fried seafood platter is served “half a meter at a time” at TIPORTO; and finally, fish-based sandwiches and pizzas in a perfect maritime style for those who aren’t afraid to indulge in carbohydrates.

The location

Fishing nets hanging on the walls, jute sacks, neon signs, and old metal boxes, wooden and tiled floors, tables reminiscent of boat wood, and industrial containers as a counter. These are all elements that play with the collective imagination, evoking both the typical fish shops of the past and the most authentic fish market stalls.  

Tiporto is spread across a spacious 700 square meter area, facing the outside with 10 street-facing windows, capable of accommodating 220 guests, which will increase to 400 in the summer with the opening of the outdoor dining area.

TIPORTO’s project is set to grow, with a expansion program similar to the one pursued by the founders of Pane & Trita, which, over nine years, has seen the number of outlets grow in Lombardy, reaching the current seven locations between Milan, Como, and Brianza.

Useful Information

TIPORTO 📍Viale Elvezia 52, Monza
🗓Open seven days a week, both for lunch and dinner,
IG @tiporto.restaurant