Women’s Day 2023 at Visionnaire Bistrot

On Wednesday 8 March 2023 Visionnaire Bistrot celebrates the feminine universe with tapas and champagne. For one evening, the historic Cinema Cavour in Milan will come back to life with a film screening on the occasion of Women’s Day… a surprise!

Tapas, Champagne and cinema to celebrate women

If it is true that women should be celebrated every day, it is also true that it’s a shame not to take advantage of an occasion for a different evening. That’s why for International Women’s Day 2023, Chef Filippo Gozzoli and the staff of Visionnaire Bistrot, thought of a special evening: inside di Visionnaire Design Gallery in the heart of Brera, dedicated to women with a special aperitif based on Tapas Gourmet and refined flavours.

After the aperitif to make the experience of the evening complete and different, the historic Cinema Cavour (whose spaces now host the Visionnaire brand) for the evening will come alive with the screening of a surprise movie.

Which one? Hush, all we know is that it will be a cult movie from the early 2000s that tells a story of determination and empowerment.

The Let’s Celebrate Woman menu

The rich proposal of the Women’s Day tapas menu will have as its common thread the concept of umami, or the perfect balance between all the main flavours.

The tapas menu will therefore be a journey between East and West, between international inspirations and Mediterranean flavours.

Tapas Visionnaire Bistrot Milano
  • From tomato and seaweed pink Zeppolina with caviar
  • Mini lobster roll with guacamole, onions, snow peas and Patanegra
  • Tuna tartare with green apple, misticanza, oyster mayonnaise and gold
  • Katsu Sando of pork neck, apple and horseradish sauce with sour purple cabbage
  • Raspberry macaron filled with Foie Gras mousse and raspberry vinegar gel
  • Beef tartare, hazelnuts, Gorizia rose and pomegranate
Download Let’s Celebrate Women menu

In every dish, there will be seasonal fruit and vegetables, distinctive ingredients of Visionnaire Bistrot’s gastronomic proposal that combines creativity and freshnes

Women’s Day event info

Visionnaire Bistrot has thought of a special evening dedicated to women and to those who love to combine good food with an extra experience!

  • Cost of the evening: €80 per person (with two glasses of Champagne per person included or one bottle of Champagne for every four people).Costo della serata: 80 € a persona (con due calici di Champagne a persona inclusi o una bottiglia di Champagne ogni quattro persone).
  • Aperitif from 7.30 p.m.
  • Film screening at 9.30 p.m.
  • Info and reservations: ph. +39 338 7415899
  • 📍Visionnaire Bistrot by Filippo Gozzoli – Piazza Cavour 3, Milano

Visionnaire Bistrot

Visionnaire Bistrot is the original food concept signed by chef Filippo Gozzoli inside the Visionnaire Design Gallery in Piazza Cavour in Milan, a few steps from the lively Brera district. A new model of conviviality through unprecedented combinations and the raw materials of the Italian tradition. 

Filippo Gozzoli proposes a tasty, imaginative and contemporary cuisine, under the banner of the intense and full umami flavour, the perfect balance of the four main flavours. 

Visionnaire Bistrot's menus are designed for every moment of the day: from lunch to snack, to aperitif and dinner. Design, art and cuisine all in the same place: three apparently distant expressions of creativity come together in an innovative proposal.