Women’s Day 2024: sweets, dinners, cocktails and gifts

Take a break, call your friends, make that phone call to your mother, but above all,
seize the opportunity to dedicate yourselves to a special evening. Women’s Day is
approaching, along with many food & wine proposals in Milan and beyond!

A special occasion to celebrate femininity, empowerment, and the extraordinary
contribution of women to society, Women’s Day must be celebrated. So what could
be better than an experience which delights the palate, perhaps in a restaurant or a
local spot? Going out for dinner, for an aperitif, or an after-dinner drink is a way to
please your palate and relax, an excuse to dedicate some time to the women in your
life. For those with a sweet tooth, sweets are a must, either to buy for yourself or to
give as gifts to the women in your life!

Here are also some suggestions by Rockfork to choose products designed to celebrate this festival or to support good causes! Celebrate yourselves!

Cocktal aperitif or after dinner?

Cocktails to try for Women’s Day Milan

Women's Day 2024 - Terrazza Gallia Milano (Red Beauty Cocktail)
Red Beauty cocktail Terrazza Gallia by Andrea Griggion

Post-work with colleagues or after-dinner with friends? The secret ingredient is definitely the location. For this evening, it must be unparalleled, luxurious, and panoramic: feeling pampered is a must-have in the choice!

Terrazza Gallia – Excelsior Hotel Gallia

Mimosa Monodose Tartlet Terrazza Gallia
Mimosa Monodose Tartlet

On Friday, March 8th, the Excelsior Hotel Gallia, a Luxury Collection Hotel in Milan, dedicates a special evening to all women. The Terrazza Gallia Bar offers an exclusive drink list that includes four cocktails: Red Beauty, She is so Cosmo, Mariachi Serenade, and Glamorous – created by assistant bar manager Andrea Griggion.

In pairing delicious finger food created by chefs Antonio and Vincenzo Lebano. Among the proposals are Montanarina ricotta, crispy bacon, and lemons; Croquette of cod with sour cream and dill; and Pan focaccia with burnt wheat, Marchigiana Norcidella, cucunci, and burrata.

To end on a sweet note, Pastry Chef Stefano Trovisi has devised a special single-portion tartlet inspired by the ‘Mimosacake with vanilla, mascarpone chantilly, strawberry confit and lemon mousseline (also available take away at €14.00)

For info and reservations

📩 terrazza.gallia@luxurycollection.com
☎️ Ph. 02 67853514

Principe Bar – Hotel Principe di Savoia

Petal cocktail  Principe di Savoia bar Milano

Daniele Celli, the new Bar Manager of the Principe Bar at the Hotel Principe di Savoia Dorchester Collection, for the occasion presents the Petal cocktail. Made with Vodka, apricot liqueur, grapefruit and lime juice, anise liqueur, and orgeat syrup.

Petal is a tribute to elegance and femininity. Prepared using the “throwing” technique for a light and silky texture, it is served in a cup with a rose petal as garnish.

For info and reservations

Available exclusively on Friday, March 8th, at the charming Principe Bar. Upon request, it will also be available throughout the weekend.

🌐 dorchestercollection.com
☎️ Ph. 02 67853514

Girls night out: where to dine and have fun

In the large restaurant scene, where flavours intertwine with stories and experiences turn into indelible memories, there is a world of discoveries to be made. Here are some suggestions for 8 March, including gourmet dinners, new openings and music!

Four-handed sound dinner at Al Cortile

On Friday, March 8th, cocktails and dishes from Al Cortile will be combined with a live performance by the Food Ensemble, creating a sound composition as background music for tasting, for a mix of sounds and flavors, a multisensory experience.

Chef Davide Giovinazzo will present dishes created with the group, offering a unique opportunity to listen to the sounds of flavors through a fusion of live music, sound samples, and vinyl records selection. From 11:00 PM to 01:00 AM, DJ SAR:CO x Food Ensemble will entertain with vinyl, accompanied by proposals from the cocktail bar. If you’re looking for something more lively for Women’s Day, here you go.

For info and reservations

Tasting menu: 5 courses, welcome cocktail, price €80 (drinks excluded).

A cake to celebrate women’s strength at Gong Oriental Attitude

Gong Oriental Attitude celebrates the diversity and strength of women with a special dessert, available on the menu from March 5th to 10th. The owner, Giulia Liu, created the Ideogram-Donna dessert with pastry chef Paolo Sistu. The dessert, a mix of Chinese origins and Giulia’s Italian identity, features a waffle on top of white chocolate, the Chinese ideogram for “woman” (女) depicting a woman holding a child, as a symbol of feminine generative strength.

Gong Dessert Womens' day 2024

The dessert, inspired by the traditional Chinese mooncake, is made with lemon and vanilla-flavored sponge cake, soaked with Yuzu liqueur for a tangy flavor balanced with the sweetness of vanilla diplomatic cream.

Marzipan daisies and gold leaf decorations pay homage to spring and the preciousness of every woman. What do you think? Is Women’s Day celebrated well enough?

For info and reservations

🌐 www.gongoriental.com

Piperita music live

The new restaurant and cocktail bar inspired by the famous Piper in Rome, with a pop and lively atmosphere. The menu offers traditional and authentic dishes, with particular attention to gluten-free and vegan needs.

Moreover, upstairs is “The Flight,” a lounge bar where you can enjoy a selection of international cocktails. Piperita restaurant also offers entertainment with live music nights, karaoke, and cabaret.

On March 8th, the restaurant welcomes all women to an night of joy of living, among giraffes, strobe balls, and neon signs. And like every Friday from 11 PM, there is Canta Jukebox in the bar area, the weekend karaoke!

For info and reservations

🌐 www.gruppotavola.com/piperita

Eggs Milan opens

After the success in Rome, Eggs will open in Milan, maintaining the same gourmet formula based on eggs. The new Milanese branch of Eggs, the restaurant with an egg-based menu, officially opens on March 8th, in via Solferino, 35.

For the inauguration, there will be a party with free tastings of carbonara for everyone. From 6:30 PM until evening.

Starting from Saturday, March 9th, the restaurant will be regularly open, and reservations are already available on the website for lunch and dinner, including holidays.

To Learn More

Il Circolino – Monza

A special creation inspired by the traditional mimosa cake as a tribute to women at Il Circolino in Monza.

A singleportion dessert that promises a unique tasting experience: spelt tartlet, with light and fluffy sponge cake enriched with pollen, giving a special and aromatic note, in the creamy vanilla filling, sweet and delicate, blending with the exotic and fruity notes of a mango liquid sphere, which brings tropical freshness to the dessert..

To celebrate March 8th with elegant and delicate taste, Il Circolino’s tartlet will be available at the café counter and on the dessert menu of the Bistrot on Thursday, March 7th, and Friday, March 8th.

For info and reservations

🌐 www.il-circolino.it

Sweet traditions for Women’s Day

How could we miss the Mimosa cake?

Ah, the mimosa cake! An iconic dessert that not only delights the palate but also pays homage to the strength and beauty of women. With its soft sponge cake and crumbly cream between the layers, it is a true hymn to sweetness and femininity. And what about the decoration? With colorful sugar sprinkles or real mimosa flowers, it’s like having a little spring garden on the table, perfect for celebrating Women’s Day!

Marlà Pasticceria

Opened in 2018, the venue bears the name of the acronym of its founders, Marco Battaglia and Lavinia Franco. She, Milanese class of 1987, he, Palermo native of 1990. The result of a long journey and a great passion, their joint project shines for its creativity. Their Mimosa cake is an authentic pastry masterpiece, a jewel of sweetness and refinement that conquers the most demanding palates. For those who love the great classics.

For info and to purchase:

🌐 www.marlapasticceria.it

Enrico Rizzi Milano

Not only the classic but also the trend with the box of 12 macarons dedicated to Women’s Day. A delicious and refined option, wrapped in precious rice paper that underlines its importance and elegance.

Designed as the ideal gift to celebrate this special occasion, Enrico Rizzi’s macarons are a perfect blend of Parisian pastry tradition and Italian creativity.

Each macaron features a combination of crunchy wafers and delicious ganache that delights the palate with every bite. What makes these sweets unique is their less sweet version, specially designed to adapt to the Italian taste, offering a perfect balance between sweetness and refined flavors.

For info and to purchase

🌐 enricorizzi.com

Leone 1857 and Fabrizio Racca

Leone 1957 Fabrizio Racca Woman's Day

Violetta” is a special limited edition package created by Leone 1857 and Fabrizio Racca to celebrate women. The pastel-colored box contains a violet bar filled with blueberry and fresh sour cherry compote, wrapped in white chocolate glaze with sugar decorations, along with a box of Leone Violet candies. Designed for everyone, it is flour-free and gluten-free.

It will be available from March 1st to 8th in Fabrizio Racca’s stores in Turin Price: €19.00.

For info and to purchase

Price: € 19,00

Women’s Day: more tasty ideas 

What if we simply wanted to have dinner at home with our lifelong friends, or alone, in pajamas, watching a movie? Everything is allowed, and we have also thought about this. And for the wake-up call the next day, here’s a coffee that will start the day with a different attitude for many different women: because thinking about ourselves means thinking about all of us together!

Il Mannarino

Il Mannarino, a renowned butcher with a kitchen, dedicates its special “bombetta of the month” to women, calling it “La Mimosa.”

Mannarino Women's Day Bombette

It is a delicious roll offered on Women’s Day. “La Mimosa” bombetta is made with a crunchy breading of Apulian taralli wrapping a slice of pork capocollo filled with squacquerone cheese, basil pesto, and confit tomatoes. This combination of ingredients creates a balance of flavors and textures that make this dish a true homage to femininity and sophistication.

For info and to purchase


Goppion Caffè initiative against violence on women

The coffee brand Goppion Caffè and Amka have expanded their collaboration with the creation of a cooperative which now involves 100 female workers, promoting a healthy gender culture and supporting initiatives against violence against women.

Goppion Coffee

The brand offers a special edition of Espresso using coffee from the Doña Lucero plantation in Guatemala, contributing to improving the conditions of coffee growers.

The initiative has led to the formation of the Integral Cooperative for Limited Responsibility Ix Axol Commercialization, marking an important step towards women’s emancipation in Guatemala.

This product is available in Goppion cafes and online, characterized by an aroma of vanilla, cocoa, and toasted bread, and distinguished by a CSC and Amka certification label.

For info: