World aperitivo day 2023: Spica restaurant

On May 26 2023 – on the occasion of World Aperitif Day – the SPICA restaurant, which combines cocktail mixology with a cosmopolitan food menu, presents its new signature cocktail list for summer 2023.

Spica is also Mixology!

May 26 new summer cocktail list presentation event

Spica cocktails are characterised by the bold and creative mix of fine spirits from all over the world. Syrups, exotic ingredients and spices create dreamlike suggestions which are perfect to accompany the dishes on the menu. 

Spica – Taste of the World
Friday 26 May

A chance to stay together and taste the new cocktails that will accompany us in the summer.

📍in Via Melzo, 9, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Spica is the restaurant that knows how to combine the art of mixologists with a cosmopolitan vision of gastronomy. On the occasion of the International Cocktail Day, they present a preview of the new summer 2023 drink list.

The new summer drink list

Taste of the World

One of the highlights on the SPICA cocktail list, for a journey down the path of taste, is the Pink Sunset Spritz.

Are you ready to travel? #DoyouSpica?

Pink Sunset Spritz

Cocktail made with grapefruit Gin Malfy, pink grapefruit juice, topped with Valdobbiadene prosecco and Soda Fever Tree. Garnished with a slice of pink grapefruit flavoured with Sichuan pepper. 

Fresh summer scents and the power of citrus meet in a brand new all-summer version of Spritz!

Modern Cuisine and Mixology cocktails

Spica’s modern, cosmopolitan and young cuisine brings with it the need for a bar area that can pick up the baton!

The drink menu opens with a drink list designed by barman Aldo Adami. A list of signature cocktails, inspired by spirits and spices from around the world.

A natural approach to travelling! The signature drinks are born from tradition and go on a journey, along the path of ingredients from the world and Italianity all the way to Milan, in the heart of Porta Venezia.

But what is the Trait d’union of Spica cocktails? The ability to be always understandable, to amaze without losing the indispensable recall to recognizable tastes.

Spica restaurant – Porta Venezia

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📍Via Melzo, 9, MilanoTuesday to Friday
from 5.30 p.m. to midnight
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☎️ 02 84572974Saturday from 12 noon to midnight
Sunday from 12.30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
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Follow:  IG FB   Closed on MondayMenu choices:
meat dishes, fish
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International restaurant with Italian-Indian cuisine

Capable of bringing cuisines from all over the world to the table, it can be considered an atlas of new flavours in the city!

Spica Milano, in a balanced mix of restaurant with international flavours and cocktail bar, has finally found its international venue, dedicated to conviviality and fun at the table.

This is chef Ritu Dalmia‘s second restaurant in Milan, after Cittamani. The restaurant was born from the passion of the two chefs Ritu Dalmia and Viviana Varese for travelling and for the cuisines of the World.

The chefs, long-time friends and colleagues, share a love for making gastronomic discoveries during their business trips.

Spica deliberately eludes precise gastronomic categorisation to embrace diversity through the cuisines of the world.

Not a concept but a ‘matter of the heart’ – as the two chefs define it.

Spica restaurant tells in each dish a story of passion that is not only gastronomic, but represents the values of modern world citizens: growth through travel, discovery, sharing.