crea la guida Wow Lecce

Wow Lecce the guide to taste and discover

Gnambox together with Francesca Pagano, rooted in Salento’s capital city, creates Wow Lecce the guidebook in poster format. Created as a thank you to the city and to celebrate the goodness and beauty to taste and try in the renowned and beloved capital of Salento.

Lecce – July 2023 Do you know where to find the best pasticciotto in a neighbourhood bar in beautiful Lecce?

To enjoy typical Apulian cuisine, made like at Mama’s house, where would you go?

In less secret alleys and streets can you find real street food or where to have a nice drink with a view?

Gnambox the guide to the Wow places in Lecce

The answers to these questions are all in Wow Lecce, the new guide! Well, yes, at the end of June, at the beginning of the hot summer season, the new compact guide in poster format- Wow Lecce guide, created by GNAMBOX together with Francesca Pagano, was born to celebrate the beauties of the Salento capital and enhance its gastronomic heritage.


The Wow Lecce project bears the signature of Gnambox, the creative duo that has been creating content to talk about good food since 2012. The Gnamboxer poster guide is a truly original way to discover and be amazed by the city!

Wow Lecce is for me the starting point of a path we decided to take together with Riccardo and Stefano with the desire to bring to life the Puglia we love and live in our daily lives. The creation of content, experiences, connections and opportunities to meet are among the goals of our work together’

Francesca Pagano
Riccardo and Stefano Gnambox

After a book-length guide to the city of Milan and then a digital one a few years ago, the Wow Lecce guide is Gnambox’s first gastronomy project related to the Apulian territory.

Indeed, Riccardo and Stefano left Milan only a few months ago to move permanently to Lecce, of which they have long been fans. Given the welcome they received from the city, the best way to ‘thank‘ it seemed to them to create a guide to the city as Gnamboxer.

How are the Wow places selected?

Wow Lecce the guide

The Lecce city guide reflects Gnambox’s taste, that is, places we like, that are in line with the duo’s style. The restaurants, clubs, bars selected are the classics – authentic places, far removed from the logic of worldly or constructed popularity, they are cosy places where you feel at home, the classic places you would recommend to a friend – to the question “Can you recommend me some real local places in Lecce?”

Why Lecce and where can you find the guide?

The poster format seemed to be the best to make it easy to handle and consult, a new way of communicating the territory and places to try that was local to local.

“The guide is a gift to the city of Lecce. We are originally from Brianza, but since January we have also been based in Lecce. We chose it because it is a beautiful seaside city that is alive all year round, a very interesting base from which to explore the south of Puglia. “

Wow Lecce poster guide can be found in the places and venues mentioned in the guidebook, which has been available from 30 June and is distributed free of charge in selected locations in Lecce and beyond.

Wow Lecce the hyperlocal guide for locals and non-locals alike

Why Hyperlocal? Produced in collaboration with Francesca Pagano (a strategic consultant with a strong presence in the city and a wealth of experience in the historical and artistic promotion of the city) the publication Wow Lecce brings together over 50 selected addresses.

The idea is to present the city in the best possible way, to those who have never seen it, but also to reveal previously unseen glimpses, to those who perhaps already live there and don’t know it, or those who love it but don’t know it.

Lecce typical street

We are living in Lecce since a few months – and to be able to present this project is really exciting for us.

This land has welcomed us with open arms and given us so much energy, and we are happy to have produced this guide, as a tribute to the city and the fruit of our collaboration and friendship with Francesca”.

say Riccardo e Stefano, fondatori di GNAMBOX

Even the printer is local, in fact the guide was printed by Altograf, an Apulian company that has been in the business for four generations, while the graphics were taken care of by Claudia Agusto.

The top 5 restaurants in Wow Lecce the guide

We couldn’t resist and asked for a sneak peek at the top 5 places to eat and drink super-recommended by Gnambox and Francesca’s guide, here’s a preview of them below:

  1. La Cucina di Mamma Elvira
    A contemporary osteria where you can enjoy Lecce cuisine. Fresh, local, seasonal ingredients and an excellent selection of wines. If you want to have an aperitif, we also recommend Mamma Elvira Enoteca
  2. La Succursale Pizza & Cucina
    Here there is no room for complex dishes. The kitchen offers healthy food, good dishes and pizzas. The atmosphere is super easy and you are sure to find what you are in the mood for.
  3. LuL – Food & Natural wines
    Sipping a good glass of natural wine with a view of Porta Napoli is possible thanks to this venue with its contemporary mood and perfect atmosphere. The Mediterranean-inspired cuisine is also good
  4. Trattoria Le Zie
    As soon as a friend comes to visit we take them to dinner here, it is the perfect place to get into the typical Apulian atmosphere. It really feels like entering your favourite aunt’s house!
  5. Pizzeria Rosetta
    A local favourite, this pizzeria is perfect for a quick dinner or even a take-away. It is located in one of our favourite neighbourhoods in the city: Leuca

For those who do not know them, some information on the professionals who made the project possible